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Early unedited pieces I submitted to contests and online uploads from the well as never seen or published works will be shared here.


Check out "Meeting For Coffee," written for a short story contest in 2007.  It's a quick, light read and you may be able to see some of my current characters in a few of the characters in this story. Enjoy!

Meeting For Coffee

The tears streamed down my face as I thought about Brian and all the mean things he had said to me last night on the phone.  I was walking from Starbucks with my Chai Tea Latte as I remembered the sting of him telling me there was someone else. As I fumbled with my keys I hear a familiar voice.

"Sam, is that you?" 

"Oh hi. What's up Mike." I was hoping he could not see the tear stains on my face since I was trying to hide behind my sunglasses.

"You're up early," he said as he got closer to me. "Hey, are you crying? Whats wrong Sam?"

I explained everything to Mike.  How Brian told me about the new girl he had met at work and how they had hit it off.  I told him they had been seeing each other for around two weeks now and that even though he no longer wanted to have a relationship with me, he still loved me.  He just wasn't "in" love with me.

“Man Sam, I had no idea.  I mean we're pretty close and he never said a word.  I always thought you guys would be getting married."

As my lower lip started to quiver, Mike realized he had said the wrong thing. "Oh my gosh, I am so stupid!  I am so sorry Sam.  I wasn't even thinking."

"It’s not your fault," I said in a very shaky voice.

"Hey, let me run in here and get me a coffee and I'll be right back.  You got time?" 

"Sure, why not," I sighed. I figured I may as well go in late. "Get a crumb cake too," I yelled before Mike went in the door.  He gave me the thumbs up signal and as I waited for him to return I realized just how shady Brian had been about everything. Here was Mike, his best friend in the world and he didn't even tell him! He let me think he was entertaining clients on the nights we weren't together and now I know he was entertaining Claudia! 

"The worse part," I tell Mike, "is that he didn't even care what I thought. He just dumped the bad news on me and left. I asked about our marriage plans and you know what he said?" 

"What did he say?"

"He said, plans change Samantha.  Plans change!  Can you believe him?!"  Then I looked at Mike very serious.  "Now you know this conversation goes no further than this Starbucks parking lot, right?"

"Oh absolutely Sam.  He's my boy but this is just between us.  I'll probably tell he messed up though, cause you were the best thing that ever happened to him. And I'm being real."

"Aww, thank you Mike," I said kinda misty eyed.

"And I want you to know Sam.  Even though things aren't the same between you & Brian anymore, I still consider us friends.  If you need to talk, want a Starbucks or for me to slash his tires or something, just let me know," he said with a grin.

Good Lord, does he have dimples I thought. I never noticed before.  He is very easy on the eyes!  

"Earth to Sam," he said as he waved his hand across my face.

"Oh sorry Mike.  I just dazed out for a minute.  But absolutely I would appreciate keeping in touch with you."

For the next two months we talked on the phone, met for lunch a few times and drank lots of coffee.  I unfortunately ran into Brian at this point. 

It was a Saturday night and I was out to dinner with one of my girls.  Mid sentence Celestes mouth opens, obviously at some sight that has just entered the door.

"Celeste, what is it?"

"Don't even turn around Sam because you do not want to see Brian and his sorry new girlfriend.  She looks about 20 years his senior!"

"I can't take it I tell her," and I turn around to see Brian and Claudia. Why does he catch my eye and start coming over to us.

I turn back to Celeste and close my eyes.

"He's got some kind of nerve bringing her over here Sam, and you do not deserve this as you go through your recovery!”

"It's ok," I say as I open my eyes. 

"Samantha, what a surprise, and Celeste, always so good to see you."

"Charmed," Celeste says as she rolls her eyes.

"Ladies this is my fiancee Claudia."

"Fiancee," Celeste almost yells.

"Yes" Claudia says.  “We just got engaged tonight.” 

Everyone seems to look at me so I say, "well congratulations.  I hope you two are very happy."

As they say their thank you's while Celeste starts growling at them, I start to laugh a little. "Good night" I say, "and so nice to finally meet you Claudia."

"Likewise," she says.  Brian says goodnight as well and then they are gone.

"Why are you laughing Samantha? Are your emotions so twisted up that you think you should be laughing instead of crying!?"

As I giggle again, I say, "no Celeste, that’s not the problem.  I just realized that for the last two months while I was feeling sad over Brian and feeling sorry for myself, that I wasn't all that sad.  As I sat here and watched him proudly tell us about his fiancee knowing his intent was to hurt my feelings, I reazlized I'm happy.  Happy to be away from him and his ever changing attitudes and his rules & regulations of what I could do, where I could go and who I could do things with.  I laughed because for the last two months I was falling out of love with him.  I thought I was moping and missing him but I was getting over him."

"You're a weird girl Samantha James, but that’s why you're my best friend. I guess maybe you should call Brians best friend and tell him how his intentions to take care of you and guard you from heartache worked," she said as she smiled slyly. "Maybe, theres something in the cards for you two."

"Celeste, come on. He's Brians best friend. I really like Mike, but just as a friend."

"Liar!  I can see it in your eyes and in the way you're about to blush!"

"I am not about to blush!"

"Oh my God, you're blushing right now!"

And she was right. No one could read me better than Celeste and she knew I was starting to like Mike as more than a friend.  For the last two months he's been telling me "things would be ok" and I didn’t deserve this and Brian must be crazy. Now I finally believed him.  I had no plans to rush into anything but as fate would have it things were about to change between us rather quickly.

As we sat in Starbucks, where it all went down in the first place, Brian walked in minus Claudia. At first we didn't see him but as he turned around in line he & I caught eyes at the same time.

"Samantha? Wow, I keep running into you," he said as he walked over to our table. "Mike?  Hey man, whats up?" Brian suddenly looked very confused.

"Brian, we were just having coffee.  We pretty much meet here every Thursday."

"Oh really. I see," he said, looking really perturbed. "So Mike, is this the new beautiful girl you told me you've been seeing the last few weeks? How interesting she looks just like my ex-girlfriend."               

Hmm, beautiful I thought.  Did Mike call me beautiful, how sweet.  Just then Mike stood up & I felt panicked.

"Hey you guys, theres no reason to jump to any conclusions.  Brian go get yourself a drink and then we can all talk," I said rather concerned.  People were starting to look!

"Look Brian," Mike said, looking intently into Brians eyes.  "Yes, Samanatha is the beautiful girl I've been seeing.  But nothing is going on, at least not yet," he said. Not yet. Wow, I thought, this is really something hearing them talk about me as if I'm not here.  I wonder if he thinks I'm hot too. Ok I need to focus.

"You dumped her with no worthy explanation and now you're engaged!  You have absoutely nothing to say about who's she seeing or what she's doing. Anymore," he added for emphasis.   

"Well look at you," Brian said rather sarcastically, "you defending my woman."

"Your woman!" Mike and I both shouted.

"You know what I mean," Brian said, looking sort of deated at this point. I then stood about to give Brian a piece of my mind, but Mike stopped me.  

"We all know she's not your woman anymore, we all know she was the best thing that ever happened to you and we all know she deserves so much better."

"And are you whats better chief?"

"You know what, I think I could be.  Hopefully she'll give me a chance and we can find out."Then he turned to look at me, "cause I am falling for her." I smiled, warmly.

At this point Brian knew he was dead in the water.  He backed up and left without another word.  

As Mike sat down, I said, "you're really falling for me?"

"Yeah, I really am," he said grinning.

"Did I ever tell you you have a beauitful smile?"

"No," he said clearly blushing.

"Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?" Now it was my turn to return the blush.  "No, you haven't" I said, 'but I did hear you just tell Brian."

"Oh yeah. Well it's because you are," he said looking directly into my eyes. "So, what do you think?  You & me, me and you.  It could work you know."

"I think you could be right," I said.

"So, lets plan our first date," Mike said.

"I've got one," I said smiling.  "Lets meet for coffee."


Written by Stephanie Price Buchanan, copyright 2007