What's been Up...Anniversary Musings

Happy Spring readers,

Hope everyone is enjoying this most beautiful season.

I am posting today because it's been a little over one year that I launched this website. I got blessed to have it designed as a gift but when the anniversary date hit I realized time had flown and that I had to pay the bill to keep it going. I was wondering maybe a website is not for me. I have my Facebook page and I enjoy posting and interacting with everyone who visits. I was like perhaps that is enough. But I did my research and found having a website is the way to go for authors, so I’m keeping it. Yay!
I hope to upload more frequently and even blog but as you know life happens and often times what I would like to do doesn’t work out. Even with the Facebook page I have fallen off from my posting and it’s unfortunate because it’s my favorite. As a mom though I had even more going on recently than before. My kids needed more attention with their homework and my daughter needs even more one on one time. My goal, once homework, dinner, dishes and bath time is done, is always to set myself up to win, so I lay out uniforms at night, as well as my own clothes, pack lunch and try to either watch a little tv or read to unwind. In that quiet time I would prepare a post or write but over the last year it’s almost been impossible! It’s like where is the “Me” time. I wonder can I get an amen.
I’ve learned that we have to fight for our time and fight to follow our passion. If I want to write novels I have to make the time, carve it out, because free time is not coming. Sadly I’m not getting paid to write (yet) so I have to fit it in between the wife life, mommy life and full time job life. But this is what I love!  I’ve always written everything down. It’s one of the reasons I love post-it notes. I place them everywhere reminding myself of everything, including “make time to write” or “write a chapter.” With that said, I am not a speaker. I really don’t care to speak publicly, but I noticed when I talk about my books or the process or the hundreds of stories swirling in my head, I can become motor mouth. My sister was in awe and noted to me that I could talk about my books because it’s my passion. So yes, I have to fight for the time to write and I will because it’s what really makes me happy.
Think about what does it for you? Is it cooking, dancing, singing, acting, your own business, writing? Then find time for it if you haven’t. It will make you feel fired up, charged up and excited. Don’t have a passion? You probably do and don’t realize it. Helping people, being the carpool mom or nursing could be it. Ever notice some nurses or flight attendants or even store cashiers are extra super special, I think it’s their calling. They seem anointed for it so to speak. Think about it and then own it!

Mia’s Anniversary

The other thing I didn’t get to celebrate at one year was the release of my second book “All About Mia.” It launched as an ebook in January of 2017 and as a paperback in February. So I’m a little late but I still wanted to thank everyone who has read the book. A lot of people have liked and asked for a sequel to Mia. Right now though I am working on a follow-up story on Josh and Alicia from “Getting to the Hart of It.” I’m only about four chapters in but maybe I’ll share an unedited paragraph or two as a teaser...

Finally, just for fun, if you’ve read Mia would you want to read a sequel? Let me know...either via this website or on my Facebook page. 
If you haven’t read either book just click the links under the book ads on the welcome page to connect to Amazon. You deserve a break so relax and read :-)

Thanks again for supporting me and mostly for the encouragement. I love to encourage others but getting it back truly means everything!
See you online,

With heartfelt appreciation,